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The Outline:摄影,产品设计,产品摄影


    去年底至今年的1月31日截止在日本的21——21design sight的The outline展。这次展览非常特别,因为它是产品设计师深泽直人与日本著名摄影师藤井保合作办的展览。除去产品实物本身,还有摄影艺术作品,而这些摄影作品完全都是相对应的产品的摄影图片,只不过是融入了艺术化的手法,感觉非常新颖。

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Win awards ≠ Success


“Winning awards doesn’t mean success. If you can not make money, it’s nothing.” It’s all about business.

How to promote yourself, designers? You have to build up your distinctive personality and spread it out thoroughly. Every word you say and every idea you deliver should be consistent with your strong personality. So, you will be “you”, and which makes it easier to distinguish you from others. So as a design company. What makes you special? What makes customers choose you and willing to work with you? From the very beginning, management of the company needs to know who we want be, and what our characteristics are. A crystal-clear goal needs to be set by the management, and which will be guiding all the designers to the same direction, and act as a team. Since every designer has a distinctive characteristics, it’s really hard to manage them as a team but still keep their genius.   

To remain consistent and make the same impression on customers, it would be better if a design company has lower designer turnover rate.  Because sometimes newcomers need more time to adapt to the new conditions. If anything goes wrong, it may destroy the reputation of the company. So, try to keep good desigenrs.

Designers need to go out and get a wide knowledge of business, marketing, engineering, communication, and more. So they can speak other languages from different fields. It really helps a lot. 

Running a design business, the followings you need to follow:

1. The bigger you are, the smaller you need to be; the smaller you are, the bigger you need to appear.

2. Succeed short term and think long term. (you have to go for what you can’t expect to get.)

3. Your biggest competition is your own perspective of your future.

4. Know your customer, learn their language. (not only listen to other people’s language, you have even to speak their language.)

Remember, a design will be more than just a design if it can affect people’s life. A good work needs to be seen and needs to be used. Keep up the good work and never give up.

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